Every Business Needs A Website

It’s common sense nowadays that every business has a Website. Let me show you why you need one. How you can build one yourself. Without paying out thousands. A year ago I knew absolutely nothing. I now build My own Websites. I am on Google Page 1 Bing and Yahoo Page 1. That’s without the Websites I set up for local businesses.

What does Every Successful Business have in Common?

It actually goes over everybody’s head.  Most people online that are looking to build a business online or are hoping to get more customers or clients to their small business forget the one main thing. Every successful business has its own website. Think about and take a look around you. I shall list you a few of the multi million dollar companies that have their own Websites.

Apple.com Amazon.com Google.com EBay.com Gumtree.com Virgin.com That’s just a few of them and yes they do have other domains. Ex. Org co.uk .au .eu.ca

The list is absolutely endless and I would need quite a massive space to keep listing them all. That’s just an idea but you guarantee one thing is for sure that they all have one thing in common and that is Their own Website.

Yet most people tend to forget this and why I will never understand. It’s actually quite blatant who are a success and who are not. I do find quite a lot of MLM sponsors struggle to survive. Why because what happens when you have tired  out your lists your fb friends and family even the streets in your area. I get quite a lot of the sponsors asking me to help leverage their business.

What is the first thing we most likely google. EARN MONEY ONLINE.  Then you will get a heck of a lot of pages that do nothing but confuse and yes try and scam you.

I am quite shocked on how many do ask but are charged into the thousands for a blog that’s not even set up correctly.


Can  My Business be a Success.


What about Traffic.


Can I help you succeed.








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