Every Business needs a Website.

With over 3.000+ themes in WordPress fully customizable and mobile ready whats not to like.

It’s common sense nowadays that every successful  Business has a Website. Let me show you why you need one. How you can build one yourself. Without paying out thousands of pounds or dollars. A year ago I knew absolutely nothing. I now build My own Websites. I am on Google Page one. Bing and Yahoo Page one.

That’s without the Websites I set up for local businesses. That’s the part where I like to pay it forwards. That’s what we are all working around is the fact we are a Pay it forward Community.

What does Every Successful Business have in Common?

It actually goes over everybody’s head. Most people online that are looking to build a business online or are hoping to get more customers or clients to their small business forget the one main thing. Every successful business has its own website. Think about and take a look around you. I shall list you a few of the multi million dollar companies that have their own Websites.

Apple.com Amazon.com Google.com EBay.com Gumtree.com Virgin.com That’s just a few of them and yes they do have other domains. Eg.  .Org   .CO.UK   .AU   .EU   .CA  Just a few more below that all have Websites and are all Successful.

The list is absolutely endless and I would need quite a massive space to keep listing them all. That’s just an idea but I can 100%  guarantee one thing is for sure that they all have in common and that is Their own Websites..

Yet most people tend to forget this and why I will never understand. It’s actually quite blatant who are a success and who are not. I do find quite a lot of MLM sponsors struggle to survive. Why because what happens when you have tired  out your lists your fb friends and family even the streets in your area. I get quite a lot of the sponsors asking me to help leverage their business. They do know and want is a blog or website to propel their business to the next level.

What is the first thing we are most likely to google. EARN MONEY ONLINE. Then you will get a heck of a lot of pages that do nothing but confuse and yes try to scam you. Here within Wealthy Affiliate we teach you and train you everything you need to become a successful online marketer. It doesn’t matter if you dont want to be an affiliate Marketer. It can be absolutely anything you want it to be. Its your business. We help you build a strong website/blog and show you how to monetize it so it will generate you all an income.

I am quite shocked on how many do ask but are charged into the thousands for a blog that’s not even set up correctly.

Can My Business be a Success.

If you think that building a website is just putting a few photos together and adding some text then you are wrong. Most fall into the trap of paying thousands for a beautiful picture perfect awesome looking website. What happens after that.

Every website I don’t care what it is needs updating. Adding new products. Writing content. Keeping on top of your site is an absolute must. Small businesses fall into the trap of buying a website then don’t know what to do with it. Believing that’s it its done and they don’t have done no more to it. That is the biggest failure of any Website. Why does apple pay thousands, because they have the money and Website builders are in the know. I keep My websites/blogs in the know updated and in the 2018 mode not 2016 not even 2017.

Its common sense to realize that technology is updating within a blink of an eye. Nobody is ever a fully trained Web designer nor an online marketer. That moment is 2018. The only way I did it and still do it is through one of the most successful programmes on the internet. There is something coming up every single day that we need to learn. That’s why I am now a success in my own rights all down to Wealthy affiliate.com

For less than 8 pence per day which works out at about £255 pounds a year. I actually got to build my own businesses and no I don’t pay for traffic. I refused to because I like everyone else was on a budget and I was not willing to pay out when I couldn’t afford too. That would be just insane wouldn’t it. I also believe this if the platform is that good I would know straight away. “As” soon as I started my free week within Wealthy Affiliate I wasn’t waiting to finish my week. I upgraded straight away.

What about Traffic.

Yes what about Traffic. Every single website needs traffic the one thing that drives customers to your website/blog. In turn generates you an income. Without traffic there is no income. The thing is how to know about getting traffic. That involves so much more.

Getting your site up and running is one thing generating traffic is another. That’s when SEO site origin optimization comes in handy. Within W.A. we have countless training in SEO. We can train you in Google Console Analytic. Local SEO been one of my favorites in my training.

So much more to just building up your business. My traffic I generated for free. I have not yet paid for any Ads at all. I have done mine all organically and now some business I have helped are getting tons of traffic hence getting a much higher turn over than they ever thought possible.

Getting to know all about this takes some studying but instead of going from one bad tutorial to another. Wealthy Affiliate have this down to a T. The training is superb after all it must be if ican generate traffic and rank in the top pages of Google Bing and Yahoo. Without paying for extras to help generate traffic they must be doing something right.

Can I help you succeed.

Helping you to succeed  in any business online you choose.  Can I help you succeed.  YES I CAN.   Just follow me in what I have done and start getting involved with the biggest online top-notch tutorials in the whole of the internet. We even have some of our affiliates are from top universities  that have turned to us at W.A. simply for the training it  is exceptional. Even myself as a 51-year-old Mum with no internet training what so ever have done so well in just a year.  Yes you can start earning straight away. After all earning while you are learning is the norm of today.


The conclusion is to get any business out there whether it is in Affiliate marketing. Promoting your own niche Website. Affiliation to the like of Amazon. Your own online shop. It doesn’t matter what you do. All the training is mapped out for you. That will help you grow your own online presence. I have a few Websites now. In all different categories. Like Parking Spaces London which I built for a failing company. It now generates a massive income and in turn so have I.

I could never of dreamed of doing anything like that. With all the training in Wealthy Affiliate I have succeeded in becoming a well sort after Web builder. This website is for Becoming a Super Wealthy Affiliate. Just as I am doing now. I am a Super Wealthy Affiliate.

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