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Web design is not a simple task for anyone.  Ask any true designer and they will tell you they are never fully qualified because as We all know by now,  technology is forever changing within in a blink of an eye. So we need to be trained constantly I am happy to know the fact that when I build any Website I am backed up by the most impressive company ever. Being trained by the most innovative team ever Wealthy Affiliate.

I also love the fact I can help rebuild a failing business and it won’t cost you a fortune. My concept is,  I like to help and I love to pay it forward. In other words, we can work together and I take into the fact a budget is a budget. It’s my own company that I run and I am my own boss. I hate to see people struggle. I have been there and know how it feels. 

I feel today those who want a website or blog have no idea where to start. A number of horror stories I hear of people buying a beautiful website in the thousands of pounds category are pleased because it looks amazing but then realized its absolutely worthless as they have no SEO or any google not even bing or yahoo rankings at all. So it doesnt even generate an income. They also have no idea how to update it nor even add content. 

So I came upon the idea of building your web or blog site. Depending on your content you want and how fast you want it to generate an income for you. I would help the person whos website it was to build it put it on the google map so to speak and run it till they knew exactly how to run it themselves. They will be the owner of the site but until they are ready to try it alone. It will be powered by me but not only by me but Wealthy Affiliate who give me site support which is within seconds so if I have a problem they make sure I don’t have a problem.  

My Websites are all maintained to my full ability and of course with the excellent experience from the founders at W.A.

They will never crash and be depending on what you want. I can maintain the blogging side the updating side of it all for you.

Here are a few of my websites I have built and run for my customers.


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